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A Michelin-starred chef collective creates incredible onboard dining experiences.

More than 20+ distinctive and delicious specialty eateries bring fresh ingredients and made to order cooking together to crush any craving. Here’s a taste of what to expect from our foodie approved eateries..

20 Eateries On Us

20+ Eateries on us

From steakhouses and Korean BBQ to drag brunches and an international food market, any and all eateries are on us — with a bar in every specialty spot.
Bye Bye Buffets at Virgin Voyages

No buffets or big dining halls

With unique spaces and diverse options, we’ve ditched the one-big-dining-hall experience and said goodbye to buffets.
LATE-NIGHT BITES open 24 hours badge

Late-night bites

Whether you’re craving a late-night snack from our noodle bar, a slice of pizza, or a burger at our 24/7 diner — your schedule doesn’t stop, so neither will ours.
World Class Dining with Virgin Voyages

Michelin-starred chefs

World-class chefs like Brad Farmerie (of PUBLIC in NYC) and Sohui Kim (of The Good Fork and Insa in NYC) are a few of the names behind our incredible menus.

A lil taste of what you can expect from our 20+ eateries — we wouldn't even judge you for taking a food 📸

  • Steak and Seafood
    The Wake

    The perfect mix of sophistication, nostalgia and cool — entering The Wake is an event in and of itself. And once you've made your way down the grand staircase, you'll enter a world that harks back to the old steakhouse, three-martini-lunch days of Madison Avenue ad men. But ya know, now with, thankfully, gender equality. And less cigar smoke.

  • Upscale Mexican
    Pink Agave

    Inspired by the capital city's red hot street food scene and with an interior designed by Tom Dixon, you'll be treated to an immersive odyssey of Mexican cuisine. Personal, intimate and educational, our master of ceremonies will guide you through a highly curated dining and drinking experience. Mezcal dinner pairings equipped with a history lesson? Yes, please.

  • Vegetarian-forward
    Razzle Dazzle Restaurant

    So your best friend wants something light and healthy, and you want.. unicorn toast? This is that place. Boasting a bold interior, this happening spot offers creative surprises on some classic, comfort go-to's. With a menu that's being coined “naughty or nice”, you can choose from one side that skews toward plant-based vegetarian dishes, or the indulgent side — meats, sweets, and gluttonous treats. So whether you're looking for something familiar or something spicy and out of left field, this place does all of that with a (unicorn) twist.

  • Experimental onboard eatery
    The Test Kitchen

    Inspired by Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine, this laboratory-like eatery is part cooking school and part eatery. It's educational, experiential and social — and delicious in ways you've never seen (er, we mean tasted). With classes and evolving tasting menus, this is for the curious, boundary-pushing tastebuds on board.

  • Lively Korean BBQ

    If you're into hands-on meat-grilling and soju drinking, our Korean BBQ is the perfect spot to do all of that with maximum social engagement (in real life, of course, but feel free to 'gram it if you want). It's a catalyst for great conversation, and since we all have that one friend who insists on being the meat-master — go ahead and roast the master while they roast the meat 🔥

  • Scoop Shop
    Lick Me Till...Ice Cream

    This whimsical ice cream shop offers home (or ship) made, complimentary scoops. That includes six creative artisanal flavors guaranteed to satisfy every sweet tooth craving.

  • Outside mezze lounge
    The Dock

    Featuring the same Mediterranean-inspired menu as our indoor counterpart, The Dock House, The Dock brings you the ultimate in lounging with the wind in your hair and the sun (optionally) on your face. Like an elegant cabana caught between the chill, seaside perfection of Ibiza and the rustic-chic resorts of Brazil, The Dock allows you to kick back and sip a from our expansive rosé menu and leisurely indulge in mezze bites until your next adventure calls. 

  • Casual Mediterranean
    The Dock House

    An effortlessly elegant yet cozy counterpart to the view-focused scene outside, The Dock House  delivers bright flavors with acoustic live sounds. Choose from fresh fish for the table over an open flame, or bites like house-made pita and dips from the roving Mezze-cart. Detox with mocktails, retox with Mediterranean-inspired cocktails or peruse the selections from the specially curated rosé program. Part elegant Ibiza cabana, part rustic-chic resort — always full-on delicious specialty dining.

  • Elevated Italian
    Extra Virgin

    Deeply rooted in Italian culinary traditions, our trattoria serves regionally-inspired food punctuated by our fresh, handmade pasta. Start with a shared antipasti — and follow that with any of our pasta-centric favorites and worship the carb gods like a good vacation begs of you. Top it off with a traditional Italian aperitif to make your night complete... or help it get started.

  • Fresh, Made-to-Order Pizza
    The Pizza Place

    No pre-cooked pizza slices sitting under warming lamps here. Feel free to choose from the classic menu or design your very own bespoke pizza. Featuring a brilliant beach club-inspired design with white and pastel colored furniture, navy striped accent pillows and hammocks for lounging, this casual spot is a perfect lunch time destination or late-night, post drink, hunger buster go-to.

  • Classic Carnival Eats
    The Social Club Diner

    The food and drink make the experience here where we've spun modern takes on fairground classics. But we don't call it "social" for nothing — inside, you'll find Sailors playing air hockey, shuffle board and foosball. And located over at The Social Club Bar, we offer signature drinks and treats like our photogenic freak milkshake and floats stacked high with cookies, cake, frosting and candy — with an option to spike them with a lil booze for an adult-friendly upgrade.

  • Hawaiian Poke Bowls
    Sun Club Cafe

    Inspired by one of the most iconic dishes of the Hawaiian islands, we offer marinated tuna, chicken and salmon over greens or rice bowls. Fresh, tasty and healthy, they're high in lean protein and healthy fats while giving you a sunny dose of veggies or whole-grains.

  • Food Hall
    The Galley

    Modeled after popular food halls where you can taste a variety of options — The Galley, designed by Softroom — is  your go-to for a quick bite, meal  or pick-me-up throughout the day. Featuring a mix of more than eight shops and food-truck style carts, each spot will have a unique concept with signature dishes that change to suit the time of day. The Galley (takes deep breathe before reading an impressively long list) boasts a dedicated bakery and pastry shop, a panini shop, a burger grill, a taco shack, a sushi bar with bento boxes, a noodle bar, a soup and salad stand, and a 24-hour American diner. 
    And exhale.

  • Ramen and Miso Soup
    Noodle Around

    Our noodle offerings evolve from miso soup specials in the morning to tonkatsu ramen in the afternoon and evening. 

  • Japanese Breakfast & Bento Box
    Bento Baby

    Head to The Galley and start your day with a Japanese breakfast, or end it with a bento box. Or actually, have a bento box for lunch, too (because you can do that, here).

  • Sweets and Treats
    The Sweet Side

    The Sweet Side of The Galley houses pastries in the morning (for the sweet-toothed breakfast lovers among us) and desserts later on. It's a non stop sweet fest, so leave your rude friends by the pool.

  • Pastries and Flatbreads
    Well bread

    Well Bread has fans, and we call them "Bread Heads". So make like a bread head and grab a pastry for breakfast or a flatbread in the afternoon or evening down at The Galley.

  • 24-hour American Diner
    Diner & Dash

    This is our 24-hours-a-day classic American diner grub located in The Galley. Craving an egg and bacon dish in the morning? BLT at lunch? Chicken and potatoes for dinner? You're in luck, because this is the classic diner fare of your middle-American dreams.

  • All Day Burger Spot
    Burger Bar

    All day we burger. Breakfast burgers in the morning. Lunch burgers in the afternoon. Dinner burgers in the evening. And Impossible burgers for the plant-based eaters. Burgers. Burgers. Burgers. Straight up.

  • Sandwiches & Toasties
    Hot off the Press

    From serving breakfast-themed sandwiches and toasties in the morning to afternoon and evening-inspired sandwiches later on — something’s always being toasted in The Galley.

  • Tacos and Burritos
    Let's Taco Bout It

    Located in The Galley, this taco spot takes you straight to the food truck-lined streets of Austin featuring breakfast burritos in the morning, and vegetarian and meat-based tacos in the afternoon and evening.

  • Healthy Bites
    The Daily Mix

    This healthy joint in The Galley features yogurt and oatmeal dishes for breakfast and turns to soups and salads in the afternoon and evening. So if you're looking to mix it up in a healthy way, you know where to go.

    No frills, just tasty thrills
    An overshot image of hands reaching for tasty bites like donuts, pancakes and bloody marys.
    Sweet Side in The Galley

    The Galley is our floating fresh food market. Start by grabbing something quick and head back out to the pool or sit down and check out the stunning design and incredible views. With more than 10 different international eateries (all included), food is made fresh to order, so it’s always tasty. From light bites and bold burgers to noodles, tacos, and much much more – all our food is sustainably sourced and presented.

    An overshot image of hands reaching for tasty bites like donuts, pancakes and bloody marys.

    Reasons to raise your glass

    Beyond basic bevvies, we’ve got special somethings for all Sailors to make a splash.

    Not so basic beverage stamp

    Basic bevvies on us

    Stay hydrated with filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas or even drip coffee if you need a boost.
    Stamp of Three martini glasses with alcohol

    Top mixologists

    We’ve partnered with some of the industry's most esteemed mixologists and bartending phenomenons to create an exceptional beverage program.
    Stamp of cocktail beverages

    Every budget...

    Skip the unreasonable pricing. We’ve created drinks to suit every budget and satisfy your most indulgent cravings.
    Sailing free of hidden fees stamp

    Feeling tip-sy

    With built-in tips, we've taken care of (taking care of) your servers.
    We’re shakin it up
    Beverages at the Loose Cannon Bar

    We’ve partnered with some of the industry's most esteemed mixologists, from the Bar Lab and the Cocktail Cartel, to global bartending phenomenons like Charles Joly and Julia Momose, to create an exceptional beverage program bringing you what matters most – quality drinks crafted with the best ingredients, without the premium price tag.

    Cheers to fair pricing.

    We heard you, Sailors. No complicated drinks packages with unreasonable rules here. Just good value for all. 

    Heineken, Amstel Light, Kalik, Narragansett 
    $5-6 (Tip included)
    Stamp of a cocktail inside of a martini glass
    Basic cocktail
    Herradura Plata, Mount Gay, Tanqueray, Jack Daniels
    $9 (Tip included)
    Bottle of wine and wine glass stamp
    Wine by the glass
    42% of our wines by the glass are under $10 (Tip included)
    $50 Bar Bonus

    It pays to prepay

    Purchase a $300 prepaid bar tab and we’ll top you off with an extra $50 to spend at any bar on board or at The Beach Club at Bimini. Cheers!

    • How does Bar Tab work?
      Bar Tab is onboard credit that’s able to be spent on premium beverages all around the ship and at The Beach Club at Bimini.
    • What’s in it for me?
      For every $300 pre-purchased for your Bar Tab, you receive a bonus of $50.
    • How do I start my Bar Tab?
      Begin your Bar Tab before setting sail by contacting your First Mate or calling Sailor Services at 954 488 2955.

    With something to sip on for every Sailor, you don’t really need a reason to say ‘cheers!’ Check out the places that’ll host all your toasts.

    • Thoughtfully Sourced Coffee
      Grounds Club

      It’s early. You’re still a bit blurry and coffee is the only thing you can focus on right now. Luckily, The Grounds Club isn’t far, exclusively pouring one of the most satisfying and tasty brews you've ever had — from direct-trade pioneers, Intelligentsia Coffee. It’s just like your favorite coffee shop with the best almond milk, double shot, latte you can't start your morning without...  but with ocean views.

    • Tap Room
      Draught Haus

      A selective beer drinker's go-to, Draught Haus features a variety of beers on tap, a wide range of artisanal bottles, boiler makers and shot cocktails. This airy beach bar meets stylish craft beer house provides plenty of places to sit back and sip, or just grab a growler for those ‘bring your brew with you’ kind of days. Chill, casual but discerning beer connoisseur approved — you can always stop by for breakfast where we serve our “All Day Breakfast” shots.

    • Champagne Lounge
      Sip Lounge

      Our curated champagne lounge, SIP, was designed to satisfy all your champagne and caviar needs. From an afternoon tea menu to an effervescent nightcap, this is the spot to come to whenever you’re craving a twist on a classic cocktail or a sparkly refresher in the form of a glass of bubbles.

    • Martini and Cocktail Bar
      On the Rocks

      Our mixology bar on board focuses on aged spirits poured over ice  (hence the name), and is the perfect place to make bold choices… with a twist. Or really shake it up (wink), and challenge our mixologists to make you something extra special. Forget the menu and tell the bartender what flavors you like — then watch as a unique masterpiece is created before your very eyes. Kick-start the evening or round out the night with a cocktail that’s perfectly crafted for you.

    • Social Club
      The Loose Cannon

      Inspired by seaside bars in Brighton, UK, an opening gun salute signals the singing of an old sea shanty which can be heard far and wide. This salty sea dog, nautically-themed bar boasts lively music and animated processions with equally spirited bar keeps — ready to ignite a hearty chant at a moment’s notice

    • The Dock Bar

      Outside at The Dock Bar, we offer the same libation list as inside at The Dock House Bar, where the star of the show is our premium rosé program. But that's not all — we have a selection of sparkly cocktails and spritzers to cool you off if the incoming sea breeze isn't enough. So re-think your siesta and move the ZZZs from your cabin to our shady (or sun-facing) lounges.

    • Mezze Lounge & Bar
      The Dock House Bar

      At The Dock House Bar, the star of the show is our premium rosé program, but we also have a selection of spritzers and cocktails with a Mediterranean flair. So forget your siesta and head here for a crisp and sparkly afternoon delight.

    • Pool Bar
      The Aquatic Club Bar

      Vacation is somewhat incomplete without a frozen drink by the pool. Or a rum punch. Or a mojito. Or a mocktail with an umbrella in it. Whatever your libation style, we've got a full-bar by right the pool so that you never have to stray too far from the party.

    • Healthy Juice Bar
      Gym & Tonic

      After working up a sweat at B-Complex, relax with a wellness beverage at Gym & Tonic. A juice bar with numerous wellness offerings — including a full-bar — Gym & Tonic has a myriad of drinks to help you wind down after giving your all… or some of your all. From made-to-order shakes and fresh or cold pressed juices to our Reset Cocktails that are healthy in spirit (while putting the spirit in healthy), there’s no wrong way to thank yourself for taking care of your mind, body and soul.

    • Classic Carnival Eats
      The Social Club Diner

      The food and drink make the experience here where we've spun modern takes on fairground classics. But we don't call it "social" for nothing — inside, you'll find Sailors playing air hockey, shuffle board and foosball. And located over at The Social Club Bar, we offer signature drinks and treats like our photogenic freak milkshake and floats stacked high with cookies, cake, frosting and candy — with an option to spike them with a lil booze for an adult-friendly upgrade.

    • Frozen Drinks & Full Bar
      Sun Club Bar

      Above the pool and on the sun deck (because any pool area worth its sea salt should have more than one bar), you can grab a frozen drink or cocktail and post up for optimal sun-soaking or people-watching during one of our iconic nighttime pool parties.

    • Razzle Dazzle Full Bar
      The Red Bar

      Located inside Razzle Dazzle, The Red Bar is a full bar that has as much flair as its parent eatery. After snacking on the can't-miss milk and cookies (really, you can't miss), try the sparkling YAAASSS Queen cocktail (accented with drinkable glitters) or the Filthy Mary — our take on a bloody mary.

      Fancy some bubbles?
      Save water. Drink champagne.
      Sip Lounge

      We take champagne seriously, from our new partnership with Moët & Chandon, curated champagne lounge, even our in-cabin, one-of-a-kind champagne tables. For us, when it comes to sipping the sparkly, we adhere only to one rule: champs is best served anywhere, anytime. Champagne on demand, no matter where you are on board anyone? We have that too. Cheers!

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