News updated Apr 25, 2022

A Brilliant bit of news about our 4th ship.

Drop the curtain, because we’re revealing our fourth ship. And she’s Brilliant.

Brilliant Lady

We — along with Scarlet, Valiant, and Resilient Lady — are delighted to welcome our fourth lady ship to the Virgin Voyages fleet. 

Like her three sisters who’ve come before, we’ve been extremely thoughtful about selecting her name; making sure that whatever we call her not only represents her, but represents the values and the beliefs we hold so dear. And as we set out to continually create a bright and radiant experience for our Sailors — much like the sparkling seas she'll sail on — it was only appropriate that our fourth ship reflect that (yes, the pun is most definitely intended). So it’s our absolute honor to introduce Brilliant Lady to the fleet. 

Brilliance — which means both radiance and exceptional talent and intelligence — was purposefully chosen for the duality of its meaning. We set out, on every single sailing, to give our Sailors a radiant experience — giving you such a glowing experience that you can’t help but beam upon returning home; matched only by the luminous stars above and the glistening sea below. 

But our name goes far beyond the vivid, incandescent glow of the sea and the inevitable post-vacation glow we set out to give our Sailors. Each and every one of our ships rocks a beautiful and strong mermaid at its helm — and Brilliant Lady will be no different. So as we thought about the strength and resilience we’ve touched upon with our other mermaids, we also wanted to highlight the powerful intelligence of women across the globe.

Because in a world where women are still fighting for their place at the table, intelligence is something women are often taught not to claim for themselves. Women are taught to be pretty, patient, and strong — and those are often traits we’re allowed to own. But being smart, being absolutely brilliant, is a characteristic that women are so rarely allowed to celebrate without fear of being called arrogant. Without fear of being “too much.” Without fear, period. 

While on the other hand, traditionally, men are encouraged to claim their intelligence; it's seen, rightfully, as confident and knowing their worth. Our Brilliant Lady represents the smart, thoughtful, boundary-pushing minds of women around the world — unafraid of owning their intelligence, aware of their importance, and confidently in touch with their own sense of self worth.

So as we welcome our newest lady ship to the fleet, we do so loudly and proudly. And while her mermaid, and all her brilliant destinations are still to come, we’re so excited for her arrival. And we can’t wait to tell you more about her, and all the places she goes, (very, very) soon.

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